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LeylandAlliance is focused on the creation of mixed-use, highly sustainable neighborhoods founded upon the principles of New Urbanism. Our neighborhoods foster a sense of community, embrace tradition, and set new standards for urban development, innovative construction, and environmental responsibility. 

Communities built upon these principles represent one of the most exciting trends in real estate today, and Leyland is at the forefront of this movement. We are proud of our extensive experience working in public-private partnerships and with other like-minded stakeholders, such as cities, towns, and universities, to bring a shared vision to life.


Some of our communities reflect special development goals, such as creating a Main Street where a university and a college town come together to live, work, play, and learn; or a public-private partnership that converted a decaying urban area into an attractive new neighborhood that set new standards for redevelopment.


Each of our neighborhoods reflects our mission to create extraordinary places to live while maintaining our commitment to sustainable development practices.

As a mixed-use developer, LeylandAlliance has gained extensive experience developing retail and office property. As a result, we established a Commercial Division which has developed the retail and office components of mixed-use projects in Connecticut, North Carolina and South Carolina.

What we do

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