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Management: Legal + Finance

Leyland's neighborhoods involve a variety of innovative legal and financial structures. For example, our public-private partnerships typically include a wide diversity of public funding vehicles at the local, state and federal levels. These projects also call for clear and comprehensive development agreements with our public partners, as well as well-crafted property owner association structures. Howard Kaufman is Principal and CEO of LeylandAlliance, with responsibility for structuring the company's projects and overseeing its operations.

Our communication plan starts with the Leyland brand. LeylandAlliance is in the business of creating great urban and Main Street neighborhoods where people can live better lives. The brand is our promise that the neighborhoods we are creating will be founded on community, tradition, and innovation. The Marketing and Sales team then works to create a unique brand and communications strategy for each new neighborhood that drives all marketing and sales operations.

Marketing + Sales

Design + Development

Commitment to building green communities with good planning and design, outstanding architecture, quality materials, and attention to detail creates a sustainable community with a vibrant public realm. Leyland principal Lou Marquet heads the talented design and development team for LeylandAlliance and the team’s vast experience is evident in the quality, livability, and functionality of the built environment. Whether designing for a future $200 million mixed-use town center or putting the final touches on a single-family home, Leyland is committed to delivering quality projects for future generations to enjoy.

Through our focus on mixed-use development, LeylandAlliance has gained expertise in planning and executing high quality retail and office development, in addition to our core strength in creating residential neighborhoods. As a result, we have established a division specializing in commercial development led by Leyland principal, Jason Hess. It is important to recognize that well-planned retail and office development near existing residential neighborhoods meets an important need. The LeylandAlliance Commercial Division is currently working with a select group of retailers and other businesses who are leaders in their respective fields to create exemplary new commercial opportunities. 

Commercial Division

What we offer

With each project we undertake, LeylandAlliance strives to create a vision that meets the aspirations of our pubic partners and the communities in which we work. That vision then becomes a reality through the sustained effort for which our team is known. Fulfillment of the vision motivates each member of our team, whether specializing in planning or architecture, financial or legal, marketing or construction, acquisitions or management. The LeylandAlliance team is highly skilled in all of these aspects of the real estate business.

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