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Kathmandu Kitchen to Offer Authentic Indian and Nepalese Cuisine in Storrs Center

Bharat Bhattarai gets excited when he talks about Kathmandu Kitchen, an authentic Indian and Nepalese restaurant that will open in Storrs Center in December. “People go crazy about the spices in our special recipes,” he says. “Apart from adding color, flavor and taste, consumption of Indian spices is proven to provide infinite health benefits. Many of the spices contain high antioxidants and have cholesterol‐controlling, anti‐diabetic and anti‐cancer agents. The popularity of Indian spices and Indian food is exploding globally.”

Mr. Bhattarai and another business partner will open the fine dining restaurant that will seat fifty people with another twenty seats in the bar area. “We expect Kathmandu Kitchen to be very popular in Storrs Center. The UConn and the Storrs community have an internationally exposed population,” says Mr. Bhattarai. “Many of them know Nepalese and Indian cuisine and will appreciate the care with which our cultural dishes are created.”

The chef of Kathmandu Kitchen will be Bharat Neupane, who brings twenty years of experience working in Indian, international, and continental foods in such storied venues such as Crown Plaza Hotels and Five Star Hotels and Resorts. Among his specialties are Chicken Momo and Spinach Dip Lamb Chop. Momo is a chicken dish that is marinated with various Himalayan spices and sealed in flour wraps that are then steamed or fried and served with tomato chutney. It is one of the most popular foods in Nepal and Tibet. Spinach Dip Lamb Chop is a domestic lollipop lamb that is lightly marinated with ginger and garlic paste, mustard oil, cumin, and turmeric powder, and cooked in a clay oven. It is tossed with a creamy spinach sauce and served with Basmati rice or Garlic Butter Nan‐Bread.

Kathmandu Kitchen will also serve its customers by delivery of its products, providing full and half catering services, and by hosting small‐ and medium‐sized parties for special occasions of its customers, such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduation.

Howard Kaufman, CEO and Principal of LeylandAlliance LLC, the master developer of Storrs Center, is delighted with the addition of Kathmandu Kitchen. “Storrs Center is becoming more eclectic in its food offerings, and this is befitting a downtown next to Connecticut’s flagship university, which attracts people from all over the world. It’s a place that offers a wide variety of restaurants and experiences reflective of a global community.”

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